Nightmare 2

Starring: Jackie

Running time: 60 minutes


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Product Description

Sultry Latina JACKIE is looking to climb in between the covers and get a comfortable nights rest. Unfortunately for her the NIGHTMARE begins as she is engulfed deep in sleep. A mysterious assailant jumps on top of her, and chloroforms her into unconsciousness. While out cold, he fondles her body, strips her naked, and subjects her to a variety of depraved diversions. Clothespins are applied to her breasts, nipples and labia lips, while a vibrating egg makes intrusions all over her body. She is turned over on her belly, butt in the air, and violated into waking up to face her attacker and then… awakens from the horror only to be chloroformed once again. When her eyes open she is hanging helpless and trussed in the bathroom shower. Spanked, flogged, and forced to endure more breast torture until the pain is too much for her and then… reality or just a NIGHTMARE?


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