Kidnapped Girls Agency

Starring: Michelle Bauer, Linnea Quigley, Crystal Breeze

Running time: 60 minutes


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Product Description

This is a 1985 shot-on-film bondage fetish video put out by HOM and now considered a rare camp classic. The movie contains not one, but two future scream queens, MICHELLE BAUER and LINNEA QUIGLEY. It also stars future B-movie actress Crystal Breeze. All three women use fake names with Michelle using a name she often used for fetish videos, Kim Bittner. Linnea is listed as Christine Sharpe and Crystal is listed as Barbara Blade.

The flick starts off with Linnea Quigley, pre-boob job, being tied up and harassed by Crystal Breeze and some guy. Linnea is shown topless. The two evil slavers also kidnap Linnea’s roommate in the movie and tie her up. Meanwhile, Michelle Bauer and the slightly obsessed Andy Baltimore run the Kidnapped Girls Agency and they get a call about one of the abducted girls.

It’s ‘The Story of O’ meets ‘The Perils of Pauline! They infiltrate the ring. Michelle plays a dominatrix role so she doesn’t arouse suspicion. Naturally, Michelle really camps it up. Seeing Michelle in a dominatrix get-up, topless, and swinging a whip around is great bondage action as she and her cohort free the kidnapped girls.

This most ambitious genre video features two beautiful victims, two evil villains, and two strange heroes fighting face to face among whips, chains, ropes, tapes, and gags in the very first KGA adventure.


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