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This catalog is comprised of TheFetishSource.com downloadable still image galleries, and downloadable video clips. Updates to the catalog appear frequently. You may search by model name or keyword in the quick find box. Check back often to see if your favorite model has anything new.

Important Notice! Nothing will be mailed to your address! No spam or e-mail advertisements will be sent to you! There are no mailing lists created. Only one order confirmation e-mail is sent to you when you make a purchase. No followup mail advertisement will be sent to your address! You will be required to enter the exact billing address that is on record with your bank for your credit card. This is for card confirmation only! We will not mail you any advertisements! You will also be required to enter the 3 digit security code that is on the back of your credit card. Member confidentiality is strictly observed.

To use this catalog, simply create a free account, add items to your shopping cart, check out following the instructions. Upon completion of your transaction, log back into your account and you will see that you have downloads waiting. The files are in zip format. You must specify a directory where you want the file to download and unzip the file using winzip. Available for free at winzip.com You may download each item up to 5 times within one week of purchase. If you have trouble with a download, clear your internet cache or temporary internet files folder, reboot your computer, and try again. Due to the nature of downloads, it is not possible to guarantee that you will be able to successfully download a clip or file. Many of the files are in excess of 100 megabytes. The speed and quality of your internet connection may not be sufficient to download successfully. You may also have a virus, adware, software or hardware glitch that prevents you from downloading. Make sure your internet cache is set to allow large file downloads.


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